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Gerald Hull - Poet    
Gerald Hull Ph.D, MA., BA(Hons) PGCE

Poet Gerald Hull, a Londoner, holds a Ph.D from the University of Wales and spent over thirty years in Ireland where he was Head of English at Fivemiletown College in Tyrone. He gained bursaries from Poetry Ireland and the Tyrone Guthrie Centre, held a range of journal editorships, and was involved in the development of Summer Schools on Oliver Goldsmith and William Carleton.

The publications Introductions, Falling into Monaghan and Historiographilia marked his later work here. Falling into Cornwall, a major collection (launched in the Arts Clubs in Penzance and St Ives) marked his family's transition to Cornwall. This has been followed by Graphohistoricity, Salthouse and Chapel and A Shared Experience, the latter two CDs with artist/ poet Bob Devereux and musician Aidan O'Reilly. His work is currently being edited by Alan M. Kent for a Cornish selection, Wave Hub this Autumn. Gerald has read at many literary festivals in the West, including St Ives, Marazion, Newlyn, Lamorna, Penzance – and in Truro and Falmouth. He has been a member of Poetry Ireland and The Poetry Society.

Gerald's work has featured on radio and in magazines. He has read and lectured at over 90 different locations throughout Ireland and Cornwall in the last 25 years. These include Poetry Festivals, universities, schools and colleges, summer schools, symposia, poetry workshops and radio. Along with his own poetry he has specialised in the Brontes, Victorian and Georgian verse, the Romantics, Emily Dickinson, the Carlyles, C19 Gothic and George Gissing. He has a solid working knowledge of Irish poetry from Yeats to Heaney.

Gerald is affiliated to NADFAS -
The National Association of Decorative & Fine Arts Societies.
He is also a member of West Cornwall Decorative & Fine Arts Society.

Block Stanzas (from Wave Hub, 2014)

I'm knocking down a Cornish Hedge: rank surgery on a brain
with sledgehammer, jack; secateurs cutting veins in ivy –
wedges of scab, rab, lichen, furze over cracked fingernails.

I'm moving my wall to new land twenty feet on. No need for
numbered stones (big molars left at base, the rest now gone).
Phil's digger grates, clangs mantis through mist. A happy dentist.

I find pennies stamped in lime, centipedes, a phial, colonies of
snails (no rings, gold bands). Each hour there's rain to wash over
mud on the hands. Each shower a nuisance, curse and denial:
                            I wrack old bones on new land.

For these last late frosts have rattled my box of eggs, tested
my limitations. Issues of possession- this new triangle of meadow,
correcting the boundary by degrees. The hard work satisfies more
than myself, stakes a shift in growth, assembled order, histories.

Gerald Hull - Poet
Gerald Hull - Poet
Latest activities ......
  • Now a BRLSI poetry convener.
  • Preparing talks on the Brontes as poets.
  • Preparing a Dryden homage of verse with Duncan McGibbon.
  • Part of the Queen Square Poetry Group in Bath.
  • Reading from my book Conchinilia Journey this Autumn - at Ready Salted Poets (as invited guest) - Bradford on Avon.
  • Settled now one year in central Bath.
  • Working with my wife Margaret on her history of Mary Delany and also a study of the master grotto builders Joseph and Josiah Lane of Wiltshire.
  • Lecturing October 10th at BRLSI with Margaret on shellhouses and grottoes.
  • More details (and a Facebook Page) at
  • Chaired Edith Sitwell evening at BRLSI.
  • Read at Burns Supper January 2017 as 'foreign poet'.
  • Lectured with Margaret O' Malley on 'The Poetry of the Brontes. A Re-Assessment'.
  • Contributed to a Bristol University Poetry Project and film with Tilly Haines.
  • Continuing Poets' Voice with Duncan McGibbon, beginning Conchinilia Journey 2.
  • Hosting Irish Poet Noel Monahan for lecture 'Irish Poetry after Yeats' at BRLSI, Bath April 2017.
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